Presently, I’m showing at the “Sawdust Art Festival” in Laguna Beach – and really enjoying our time there – close to the ocean!
(That’s my two friends:Michael and Dana).I’ve just been featured on with some stunning pictures – you’ll like her style. Thank you Janene!

Did you know that my Etsy store, “I’m A Treasure Jewelry” is now open?
In September, after “The Sawdust”, I plan to add many more pieces.Here’s a¬†great trailer for Thierry Vincent’s: “Laguna Beach – L’Art de Vivre” Documentary on Vimeo.
We were pleasantly surprised and honored to be in it so much – Thanks Thierry!


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  1. Barbara Schuppe

    Hi Susan,

    Sorry about the delayed response. We have been working on a new website- Somehow your comment didn’t get to me until now, a month later! Our new site includes the “Soul Mate” (necklace along with price).
    Please check it out, and let me know if you are interested.
    Thanks much, Barb

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